Boaz Sender

Principal at Bocoup, Processing Foundation Board of Advisors, and Design Justice Volunteer.

New CEO at Bocoup

November 14th 2016

Today we announced that Jory Burson is taking over as CEO at Bocoup, and that I'm moving into a research role 😄:

I have had quite a journey operating Bocoup as the company's CEO over the last 7 years. We've developed a stellar open source consulting practice and I've had the opportunity to collaborate on stabilizing the Open Web with an incredible community of customers, peer-businesses and competitors. But, the collaboration that has developed between Jory and I has been perhaps the most nourishing. It has evolved to the kind of peer support, balance, and sentence finishing that you see in movies. She's going to be a great CEO and I'm so excited to work for and with her.

Leading into 2017, I'm stepping into a research role to explore new Bocoup-adjacent technologies and new ways for activating our open technology mission of inclusive production through research. Along-side all of the bizarre geo-political developments in 2016, a very interesting thing happened to open source production culture: it became the American enterprise default and a lot of capital is flowing into it. While Bocoup has much work to do over the coming years to make sure the market doesn't miss out on the core value of open source, I'm looking forward to tinkering with the future of technology production models through research initiatives at Bocoup.


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