Boaz Sender

Principal at Bocoup, Processing Foundation Board of Advisors, and Design Justice Steering Committee.

I'm a principal at Bocoup, an inclusive technology consulting company that I founded in 2009. Along with running Bocoup day-to-day, I contribute to other projects related to social justice, technology, and art including:

I have also contributed to various open source projects and web standards. From 2011 until 2017, I was an invited expert to the W3C. During this same period, I contributed to popular web programming tools, and helped start an open source trade organization now run by the Linux Foundation.

Before Bocoup, I worked as a front-end developer for an early 2000s health dot-com company, where I built early web video software. My education in software development came from working under the mentorship of other programmers on open source projects, including shadowing the jQuery team to write the jQuery API documentation.

I studied liberal arts (studio art, documentary film, history, and anthropology) at Bennington College from 2003 to 2005. I did not graduate.

A Picture of Me

an image of Boaz Sender from the chest up, a white man with a buzzed hair cut and a short brown beard, in a black shirt.