Boaz Sender

Principal at Bocoup, Processing Foundation Board of Advisors, and Design Justice Volunteer.

Announcing Ringmark

February 22nd 2012

We launched Ringmark today, the product of a wonderful collaboration with the Facebook developer relations team. It was an honor working with Matt, Tobie and James, whose insights and research for the mobile Open Web was visionary to say the least. Michael from Ocupop also knocked it out of the park with an elegant visual identity and art direction for Ringmark.

I have a joint guest post about this today on the Facebook Developer Blog: Announcing Ringmark, a Mobile Browser Test Suite →

Facebook also made a general post today about their commitment to Mobile: Helping Improve the Mobile Web →

Adam also has a post on the Bocoup blog where he talks about our involvement: Ringmark Launch →

There was also some great press today: Google News for Ringmark →


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