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June 11th 2017
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We opened an exhibition last week at OPEN with painter Shantell Martin and computational neuroscientist Sarah Schwettmann:

For the exhibition, Shantell and Sarah trained an algorithm to generate new paintings in Shantell's style. I brought this work to the gallery because it shows us what it looks like problematize art-making with an engineering mindset, and apply Big Tech tools to "solve art".

While I was working on the show, I also started training an automated critic to review it. I scraped Art In America's archive of reviews (some 2,000+ over the last two decades), and used Sarah's tools (torch) to train an autocritic on that corpus. I used the LSTM in torch-cnn mostly with defaults, and it took about a week running on one of Amazon's t2.xlarge instances.

If Shantell and Sarah's model automates the production of culture, the idea was that this model could automate the consumption of culture.

I didn't have a chance to finish it, but it's still pretty funny. You can see I haven't quite gotten it to make a point yet. The text goes on and never really reaches a conclusion. You could imagine putting this autocritic in a box with Shantell and Sarah's machine to let them complete a sort of morose and joyless (more) version of society.

I'll end this with two more example reviews of the exhibition that I generated with a higher temperature:


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