Boaz Sender

Principal at Bocoup, Processing Foundation Board of Advisors, and Design Justice Volunteer.

JSConf US 2011

April 4th 2011

I attended JSConf US and NodeConf 2011 in Portland last week. There was a really moving and exciting feeling in the air there around, and the future of the JavaScript community; creating facilities in the language to support a JavaScript core, and coming together to build that core.

Andrew Dupont gave an enormously insightful and visionary talk; reviewing the history of the JavaScript community extending built ins, describing our coding practices culture divisive and calling for a unified JavaScript core of built in extensions.

Rebecca Murphey's talk on Modern JavaScript solidified this call to action, explaining that as a community, we have misplaced value on the wrong activity in JavaScript; creating new JavaScript libraries instead of working on what we already have– solidifying a JavaScript core utility.


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