Boaz Sender

Principal at Bocoup, Processing Foundation Board of Advisors, and Design Justice Steering Committee.

Current Affiliations

Bocoup (CEO), Berkman Klein Center (Affiliate), Ethical Tech (Member), Processing Foundation (Board of Advisors), Design Justice (Volunteer).

Past Affiliations

OPEN Gallery (Director and Currator, 2016-2017), JS Foundation (Board Member, 2016-2017), jQuery Foundation (Co-founder, Board Member, 2012-2016), jQuery Project (Contributor and Team Member, 2008-2011), W3C Games CG (Group Chair, 2013).

Past Projects

Hartley Papers, Feminist History of Lisp (Collaborator, 2019) Constentful Web Forms (Collaborator, 2019), Upward Living (Collaborator, 2017-2018), backbone.routefilter (2013), mobilecheckbox (2013), (2013), jQuery Twitter Plugin (2011), Etherpads(2011), Data URI Generator (2011), CSS3 Please (2010), The HTML Times (Editor, 2008-2009), Library Theme on Tumblr (2008).

About Me

In 2009 I started the web platform consulting company Bocoup where I now support a team of project managers, designers and engineers working to prioritize the inlucsion and safety of marginalized people in the production of the web platform.

In 2017 I joined the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, where I am now a member of the technology ethics working group and work on developing critiques of the values embedded in "open source" production. Between 2016 and 2017, I ran a contemporary art gallery with a focus on tech criticism where I curated works from artists exploring the role and impact of technology on society.

From 2011 until 2017, I was an invited expert to the W3C where I started the Games community group, outlined a roadmap for "open web games", and contributed to the web-platform-tests initiative. During this same period, I also contributed to the jQuery, Backbone, and Grunt projects and helped start the jQuery Foundation where I served as a board member until its relaunch as the JS Foundation (now OpenJS Foundation).

Prior to Bocoup, I worked as a front-end developer for a dot-com where I met my long-time collaborator punk rock Rick Waldron and built early client side web applications. Before that I studied Liberal Arts at Bennington College from 2003 to 2005. My education in software production education came from shadowing the jQuery team to write the jQuery API documentation, working under Rick's mentorship, and through the generousity of many talented colleagues to whom I owe a great deal.