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Open Web Technology and Content Policy

Boaz Sender

The Open Web


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"A network of such [computers], connected to one another by wide-band communication lines [which provide] the functions of present-day libraries together with anticipated advances in information storage and retrieval and [other] symbiotic functions."
— Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider

History of the web

TBL's famous Screen Snap

  • Mosaic 1.0 released by Marc Andreessen with Governemnt funding

  • Cello released for windows 3.5 by a Cornell Law student

  • W3C founded at MIT

  • Internet Explorer 1.0 released for win 95

  • JavaScript (LiveScript) released in Netscape 2.0

  • Opera 2.0 public release

  • Browser Wars

    Some students at Stanford invent Pagerank

    Reopening of the Open Web

    The Open Web

    The business of Open Web

    Ethics of the technology

    fight for the user


    the future is awesome

    Thank you


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