Boaz Sender

Director of Research at Bocoup. @boazsender on twitter and instagram. Read more about me.

Boaz Sender I work on new technology and research topic areas at Bocoup. I came up as a JavaScript programmer in the days of the DOM lib wars. When we started Bocoup in 2009 I was building web applications for clients. I transitioned into management and operated the busines as CEO until 2016. During my time as CEO I developed our open source IP and funding models, and worked with our customers to start new projects and develop open source strategies.

Prior to Bocoup, I worked at a dot-com, building early web applications and video players. I was an early contributor to the jQuery project where I worked on the project's API documentation, and helped start the jQuery Foundation, which later became the JS Foundation. I attended Bennington College from 2003-2005, where I studdied Liberal Arts.